Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you people?
We are YatraChef.
2. What exactly do you do, YatraChef?
In simple words, YatraChef is service provider that helps you to order your favourite food from different restaurants and food points during your train journey in just few clicks or through a phone call and the ordered food gets delivered at your seat. Enjoy your meal and have a delicious Yatra. Simple right!!! So by any chance are you travelling by train ?
3. I travel in train often, so how is YatraChef going to help me?
If you have travelled in train, you might have experienced this after boarding a train. A small thought that keeps on worrying you, what could that be? Yeah, carrying your ticket is important we understand, apart from that what else could bother you? Luggage? Yes, luggage is also very important…then what else could be bothering you? Good Food? Exactly..!! Your demand for good food during the train journey has not met and that’s exactly where we are going to help you.
4. But Still How?
It’s very simple, log on to (which you already did!!) and enter your journey details. We will show you the food options available throughout your journey, have a look at different menus and select your favourite food. Once you complete the order, wait for the station where you have ordered the food and enjoy your food. Don’t have an internet connection ? Not getting connected to the internet? Not to worry…dial 0-8137-8137-00 and let our team to help you with the food ordering.
5. Ok, I got it. So you provide me food at my seat during the journey, what about the payment?
You can pay the cash to the person who is delivering the food.
6. But who will be delivering my food?
The restaurants or food outlets with whom you have placed the order, will be delivering the food.
7. Oh! So should I pay any money to them as delivery charges?
No, Not at all. You don’t need to pay anything above the billed amount confirmed to you by YatraChef.
8. Cool, so how long before should I order my food at YatraChef?
It depends on the order lead time of each restaurants. The order lead time of the restaurants would be mentioned in their menu listed in our website.
9. Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order. The order cancellation needs to be informed to us before the order lead time provided by the restaurant. To place your cancellation request or to know more about the cancellation process you can dial 08137813700 and our food advisor will be happy to help you.
10. I am stuck up with this ordering process, can I talk to someone?
Of Course, Yes!!! We have our food advisor who is always ready to help you out. Just dial 0-8137-8137-00 any day and let us help you out. Oh!! Make sure you make the call between 7.00 AM and 10.00 PM.
11. Can I order food 24X7?
You can place your order for food 24*7 at but if you want to talk to a real person and help you order, you can call 08137813700 andreach our food advisor any day between 7.00 A.M and 10.00 P.M.
12. Do you deliver food round the clock?
Unfortunately No, since the delivery is done by the restaurant themselves, the food delivery will be happening only in the working hours of the respective restaurants.
13. What if I have a problem with my order?
You can reach us by dialling 0-8137-8137-00 or you can fill the feedback form in our website or you can send us a mail to Let us know about it and we assure to get back to you with a solution at the earliest.
14. What if I have a group order?
For a group order, you can select the tab called Bulk order in our home page and you will be shown a small form wherein you can fill in your requirements. Once you complete the form and press submit, you can relax and just wait for our representative to contact you.
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