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           On 16th of April 1853, first train ran on Indian Soil. It was the birth of new era in our country's travel culture. Today, nearly 6 billion people use  railway network an year to travel and we Indians love this train journey more than any other mode of transport .We all support every effort taken by anyone to make our journey with  railways a better one. YatraChef is one such effort by few youngsters among you to get you good and fresh food at your seats during your train journey. We all know that food in train is one issue that has been pestering our minds for years every time we plan a train journey .We at YatraChef works to get this question out of your mind and make your train yatra a delicious one. Through our service, you can choose your favourite food from different food outlets across your train travel route and enjoy your meal at your seat. For this reason, we present you with an awesome website and a dedicated team to help you achieve this.
             Finding your favourite food just takes few clicks. Once you log onto YatraChef website, just enter your PNR number or your train journey details in YatraChef website and you will be shown the food outlets available at different stations in your train travel route and you can choose the station where you want the food. Once you choose the station you will see the hotels and food outlets available to serve you. Now select the hotel and check their menu and pick your order. Once you have found what you want you can either order the food through our website or call us to order through our food advisor.
             Oh... almost Forgot!!! You can be a part of YatraChef family by registering with us. We send lots of special discounts; exciting rewards and newsletters especially to our family members...after all we are family, right?!! So we have successfully defeated hunger in many stations and we have planned to defeat it in many more stations. We are working on that plan, you guys just stop worrying
about food in trains and start enjoying your train journey.  smiley


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